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Why you shouldn't Do Business with Central Payment, Wells Fargo

Why you should consider NOT doing business with the following Companies if you value your 2nd Amendment Rights.

The following is my experience and my personal opinion. Every loan we don't make with Wells Fargo or Wachovia will cost them thousands of dollars. Let Wells Fargo and Wachovia know how you feel.

Central Payment Corporation, a credit card processor
iPayment, Inc. a credit card processor (Somehow affiliated with Central Payment)

Well's Fargo Bank N.A. an ANTI-GUN Corporation Wachovia Bank (Owned by Well's Fargo)

I'm not saying the above companies don't have the right to do business with whom they choose, but we have the same choice. The following is my experience.

In early 2007 I was using Quick Books for my credit card processing with No Problems. The only issue was my web business was growing and I was spending a steadily increasing amount of time manually processing credit cards. Quick Books (Innovative Merchant Solutions) at the time was not easily integrated With my Web Shopping Cart (Zen Cart).

I was approached by an Account Executive from Central Payment Corporation in early 2007, trying to get my credit card business. Their rates were not any better than IMS, but they assured me that it would easily integrate with my web site. This would save me two or more hours a day than manually processing the transactions. Additionally, My business Name is Mark Kubes Firearms, No secret to what type of business I was engaged in.

I decide to use Central Payment Corp. and started processing with them in August 2007. Everything was fine until the end of March 2009.

I noticed my deposit from Central Payment Corp for March 30, 2009 did not show up in my account as expected. I figured no big deal, occasionally there is a glitch which delays a deposit.

On March 31, 2009 again no deposit. At this time I'm not totally panicking, it's the first of the month, sometimes there are delays.

On April 1, 2009 AGAIN, no deposit. I made a phone call inquiring where are my deposits? After being placed on hold for quite some time, I'm told there is a "hold" on my account and I need to contact Central Payment directly and I am given a phone number to call.

I immediately contact Central Payment, and again keep getting placed on hold. Finally the representative gets back on the line and tells me I need to talk with one of their managing partners /CEO and he won't be in for two more hours. The representative would not give me any more information.

I finally get a hold of Zach Hyman at Central Payment and after a few minutes of looking up my account, he tells me Well's Fargo is terminating my account, that Central Payment does not want to lose my business. He then places me on hold for quite some time. He finally gets back on the phone and starts asking me questions about what I actually sell, remember, my business name is Mark Kubes Firearms.

I tell him I sell Firearms, parts and accessories. He quickly places me on hold again, gets back on with me and asks if I sell magazines and ammunition, I reply yes. Again I'm asked to hold. Zach Hyman gets back on and asks me to reply to an email he just sent me and we end the call.

I check my email and had received the following:

Please reply to this email and explain exactly what you sell online, etc,.


  Zachary Hyman
Central Payment Corp
1-800-449-8014 (agent support)
1-415-462-8337 (direct)
1-805-896-1560 (mobile)
1-866-507-8344 (fax)
I replied

From: Mark Kubes []
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 12:49 PM

To: Zach Hyman
Subject: Re:
I sell parts and accessories for collectible firearms, springs, stocks, holsters clips, pins, grips etc. via my website

. Mark Kubes

His reply


  Unfortunately you have 25 days left to process your credit card sales through CPC as your account is being terminated. 

  Please fax me to the # below a recent profit and loss statement, balance sheet and three months of checking account statements and I will consider releasing some of your funds on hold. 


  Zachary Hyman
Central Payment Corp
1-800-449-8014 (agent support)
1-415-462-8337 (direct)
1-805-896-1560 (mobile)
1-866-507-8344 (fax)

They currently have $17,000 of my money, no advance warning of a problem. In nearly 2 years of processing credit cards, I have only had a couple of fraudulent transactions, and a few chargebacks.

Zach Hyman tells me that they can hold it for 180 days or more, He requested the following

“Please fax me to the # below a recent profit and loss statement, balance sheet and three months of checking account statements and I will consider releasing some of your funds on hold.”

I don't feel it is their business what's in my bank account and what my businesses profits/losses are.

They never asked me for that in the previous two years nor when they started processing for me.

I did shortly after this receive a letter officially notifying me of the terminated account, referencing a clause in the contract which allows termination of contract with 30 days notice for any/no reason.

So it's now been over a month, Central Payment Still has my $17k (They finally released my funds after 10 weeks) I don't believe Central Payment was behind the account cancellation, but it was Central Payments deciscion to hold my funds for over 2 months.

ALL this because I sell firearms and related products,

My recommendation, Do not do business with Central Payment Corp, ipayment Inc or Well's Fargo Bank which also is Wachovia.

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