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Russian Winchester 1895 7.62X54 Lever Action Rifle


Missing Rear BAnd Screw, Missing Rear Swivel, Cracked / repaired stock at wrist.

Bore Good, Metal Good+ Winchester m/1895 Russian - Between 1915 and 1917 the Winchester Repeating Arms Company supplied Imperial Russia with some 300 000 Winchester rifles model 1895, the Winchester M95 Russian. Designed by John Browning, the gun fired the standard model 1908 7.62x53mm cartridge and had a magazine of four, with the fifth going into the barrel. Unlike earlier Winchesters, the m/1895 dispensed with the tubular magazine and used a regular box magazine loaded, in the Russian model at least, with a charging strip. Data is given for both original m/1908 and m/1930 heavy ball ammunition.

The rifle's sights were graduated in arshins, an old Russian measurement corresponding to 71 cm (28 inches). The rifle could be fitted with a 52 cm (20 in) bayonet. Compared to a bolt action the rifle was probably more difficult to operate from a prone firing position but had an advantage if fired in any upright position in that the operator did not have to lift his head off the sights to cycle the action. The m/1895 has a sustained rate of fire of 56 rounds per minute.

The m/1895 is the strongest lever-action rifle ever made. For other markets, Winchester produced the rifle in 30-40 Krag, 30-03, 30-06, 303 British, 35 Winchester, 405 Winchester, 38-72, and 40-72 blackpowder calibers. The barrel lengths varied from the Rifle, with barrels from 22 to 28 inches long, to the Carbine, 22 inches, and the Musket (originally intended for Army sales) 24 to 30 inches. A total of 425 000 were made between 1895 and the early 1930s.

Imperial Russian troops in Finland used the Winchester rifle among other types and both sides employed it in the Civil War of 1918. Due to its fine workmanship the rifle was highly valued but its small numbers and unusual mechanism relegated the type to reserve use only. Fewer than 4000 Winchesters survived the Civil War.

When the Winter War begun the Finns actually de-mothballed even these venerable weapons, though they were primarily distributed to artillery units and troops on the home front. The remaining 500 rifles were sold to civililians in the Fifties.

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