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Stock, with Metal, Good Condition, Steyr M95 Rifle


Color may vary from picture. Original M95/34 Steyr Carbin Rifle stock. These are in VG-EXC solid condition. These come with buttplate and swivel

Parts Listing:

  • M95-1 Extractor 8X56R
  • M95-2 Bolt Head 8X56R
  • M95-3 Firing Pin
  • M95-4 Firing Pin Spring
  • M95-5 Firing Pin Retainer Nut
  • M95-6 Bolt Body
  • M95-7 Safety
  • M95-8 Safety Screw
  • M95-9 Cocking Piece
  • M95-10 Bolt Complete 8X56R
  • M95-11 Receiver
  • M95-12 Barrel 8X56R Carbine
  • M95-13 Front Sight Blade
  • M95-14 Trigger and Bolt Stop
  • M95-15 Sear and Ejector Housing
  • M95-15A Ejector and Sear Housing Complete
  • M95-16 Sear
  • M95-17 Ejector
  • M95-18 Ejector Pin
  • M95-19 Sear Spring
  • M95-20 Sear Retaining Pin
  • M95-21 Clip Catch Spring
  • M95-22 Clip Catch Spring Screw
  • M95-23 Clip Catch
  • M95-24 Trigger Guard Housing Stripped
  • M95-24A Trigger Guard Housing Complete
  • M95-25 Magazine Floorplate Screw
  • M95-26 Trigger Guard Screw, Front
  • M95-27 Clip Latch Screw
  • M95-28 Magazine Follower Assembly 8X56R
  • M95-28A Follower
  • M95-28B Follower Lifter
  • M95-28C Follower Lifter Spring
  • M95-28D Follower Screw
  • M95-28E Lifter Spring Screw
  • M95-29 Trigger Guard Screw, Rear
  • M95-30 Leaf Spring, Follower Assembly
  • M95-31 Magazine Floorplate
  • M95-32 Follower Assembly Retaining Pin
  • M95-33 Follower Assembly Leaf Spring Screw
  • M95-34 Handguard M95/34
  • M95-34A Handguard M34
  • M95-35 Rear Sight Leaf with slider M95/34
  • M95-35A Rear Sight Leaf with slider M34
  • M95-36 Rear Sight Spring M95/34
  • M95-36A Rear Sight Spring M34
  • M95-36B Rear Sight Pin
  • M95-36C Rear Sight Spring Screw
  • M95-37 Rear Sling Swivel and Nut
  • M95-38 Front Band and Bayonet Lug with screw
  • M95-39 Rear Band with Sling Swivel and Screw
  • M95-40 Buttplate
  • M95-41 Buttplate Screws (2 Required)
  • M95-42 Stock Used No Metal
  • M95-43 Stock Used with buttplate and sling swivel
  • M95-44 Loading Clips Hungarian Marked
  • M95-44A Loading Clips NAZI Marked
  • M95-45 8x56R Ammunition Original 1938 Loose (30rds)
  • M95-46 8X56R Ammunition Original 1938 Box 10rds (No Clips)Hungarian Marked
  • M95-47 8X56R Ammunition Original 1938 Box 10rds (No Clips)Nazi Marked
  • M95-48 Original Canvas Ammo Pouches
  • M95-49 Bayonet and Scabbard
  • M95-50 Handguard Retainer
  • M95-51 Handguard Retainer Screw (2 Required)

The Steyr M1895 rifle, also known as Steyr-Mannlicher M95 straight pull rifle, was developed by famous Austrian arms designer Ferdinand Ritter Von Mannlicher. Based on his previous M1890 design, this rifle was manufactured in Austro-Hungarian Empire at state arms factories in Steyr (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). More than 3 millions of M95 rifles were produced between 1895 and 1918. This rifle was issued to Austro-Hungarian army, and, after the fall of the Empire, to the Austrian and Hungarian armies. Originally produced in 8x50R caliber, in 1924 some of M95 rifles were converted to the German 7.92x57 Mauser (also known as 8x57 Mauser) ammunition. These converted rifles featured shorter 58 cm barrels, were designated as M95/24 and used in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. This conversion gave away with original Mannlicher en bloc clip, and replaced it with Mauser stripper clips. Since 1930 Austria converted most of the M95 rifles to the more powerful 8x56R M30 ammunition, using the same Mannlicher en bloc clips. These rifles were designated as M95/34, and marked with the letter "S" on the receiver ring. Hungary started to convert their rifles to the same 8x56R ammunition in 1931, with the upgraded rifles being marked with the letter "H" on the receiver ring. Many of the M95 rifles were used during the Word War 2 by the Hungarian, Bulgarian and Italian armies, as well as by some German police forces.

Steyr Mannlicher M95 bolt has a separate head with two frontal locking lugs; bolt head was inserted into the bolt body from the front. Bolt body had internal spiral-shaped ribs, with matching spiral-shaped cuts in the tail of the bolt head. These ribs and cuts forced the bolt head to rotate on the pull of the bolt body, locking and unlocking the action. Box magazine contained five rounds in en bloc clips; as the magazine emptied, the clips were ejected from the opening at the bottom of the magazine. Non-empty clips could be removed from the top with the bolt open, by depressing the clip catch inside the triggerguard. One specific feature of this system was that the clip has specific "top" and "bottom" sides, and could not be loaded into the rifle upside down. The safety was located at the rear left side of the bolt. Large ear-shaped cocking handle at the rear of the bolt served as a manual cocking handle, to re-cock the action without operating the bolt. M95 rifles were issued with detachable knife bayonets. Other than basic rifle, M95 also was issued as Stutzen (short rifle or carbine, with bayonet lug), and slightly shorter cavalry carbine (without bayonet lug).

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